All Kinds of Loans – Part III

This is the third in a series describing the various types of real estate loans. Whether you have excellent credit or no credit, whether you’ve saved for a down payment or you can’t rub two nickels together, there’s a loan for you. Seller Carry Backs – For seller carry backs, the seller agrees to provide … Read more

All Kinds of Loans – Part II

Last week, I began describing the many types of real estate loans available for residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property. Thinking about buying property? There’s a loan for just about every situation—some for expensive properties, some for fixer-uppers, some for farmers, some for businesspeople, some for short terms, some for long terms. You name it, … Read more

All Kinds of Loans – Part I

Since most of us don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars lying around to purchase real estate, we need a loan. The good news is that there are plenty of types of loans to choose from. Whether you’re interested in residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural property, individuals and institutions are ready to fund your investment—as … Read more

Opportunity Zones – Not the Panacea We Hoped For

In June, I wrote about Opportunity Zones, a new program that looked to be the best investment opportunity since Google. It turns out, things are less promising than they originally appeared unless you fit into a very narrow band of real estate investors. Please! This is one investment opportunity where you MUST talk to your … Read more

Reverse Deferred Exchanges – Not for the Faint of Heart

Last week, I wrote about 1031 exchanges, which help real estate investors defer paying capital gains tax when buying and selling properties. Now I’m going to share something even more esoteric—a reverse deferred exchange. While 90 percent of real estate investors will never have reason to be involved in one, it’s still fun to learn … Read more

Let’s Skip the Capital Gains Tax, Shall We?

I attended a party recently where the topic of real estate exchanges came up. Before I say more, I must remind you that when I write about investing or the tax implications of owning real estate, I am simply sharing my opinion. If you are thinking of investing or have questions about taxes with regard … Read more

Six Mortgage Myths Debunked

When it comes to making a decision as important as purchasing a home, be sure to base your decision on facts—not myths. Here are a few myths debunked. Myth #1: It’s always better to own than to rent. Not necessarily. When people say owning a home is an investment while renting just throws your money … Read more

Making Sure What You Say is What They Hear

As exciting as it can be to buy or sell a property, it can also be a little stressful, even when things are going just fine. There are a lot of details to manage and many different people involved in the transaction, from buyers and sellers and their agents to lenders, inspectors, insurance agents, and … Read more

Be a Good Neighbor While Your Renovate

Having a good relationship with your neighbors can make life far more peaceful and enjoyable, so whenever you contemplate outdoor home projects—whether you’re installing a new deck or hiring someone to install a sprinkler system—it’s wise to consider how those projects will affect the people around you, not only while the project is underway, but … Read more